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Is there some objection to Christianity that’s bugging you that I haven’t addressed on this site? In that case, send me an e-mail at cerebralfaith@gmail.com and tell me what it is that’s troubling you. I’ll answer any question about arguments for God’s existence (Natural Theology), the resurrection of Jesus, the reliability of the gospels, the Trinity, soteriology, objections to the Christian faith often given by internet skeptics, issues concerning matters in the life of a Christian, heresies, difficult Bible questions, and so on .

I will not respond you directly, but rather, I will respond in the form of a blog post. This will be for the benefit of not only the questioner himself/herself, but also for the edification of other readers who may have been searching for an answer to that question as well. Also, if your name is included in the e-mail, I will not reveal your full name in the blog post response for the sake of your privacy. I'll only include your first name, not your last name (e.g "Roger" instead of "Roger Smith").

I will NOT address e-mails on the basis of the following criteria

1: I will not answer if your e-mail has filthy language. You can say what you need to say without resulting to vulgarity. The English language is large enough where you can convey the message you desire to convey without using vulgar language. If you have trouble conveying that message without resulting to vulgarity, check a thesaurus.

2: I won't answer the question if it is overly lengthy. I suggest keeping track of the length of your e-mail by typing it up in Microsoft Word first, and then copy/pasting it into your e-mail, stopping once it gets to a Maximum of 2 pages long.

Q & A Archive

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